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TDSP Homebuilder Checklist

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In an effort to assist you in meeting your requested service dates, please verify the following items have been completed prior to making your request:

Temporary Service

  • Street signs are present.
  • Address clearly marked and in plain sight.
  • Handhole is not covered or damaged (uncover or report damage to 888-222-8045).
  • Sufficient flex conduit to reach into transformer or hand hole (underground).
  • Service entrance conductors a minimum of 24 inches in length (overhead).

Underground Service Installation

  • Street signs are present.
  • Address clearly marked and in plain sight.
  • Handhole is not buried or broken. (uncover or report damage to 888-222-8045)
  • Path for trenching is clear of obstructions (including other contractors).
  • Meter base location clearly marked with red paint (if meter base or stub out is not present).
  • Customer-owned utilities marked.
  • If flatwork and/or retaining walls are installed, a 3", schedule 40, gray PVC conduit must be installed beneath the obstruction. It should be installed 27" below final grade, extend at least one foot beyond both sides and be clearly marked or uncovered at both ends.

Contact your TDSP if a residential meter base is more than 320 amps to avoid delays in acquiring permanent service.

Permanent Service

  • Address clearly marked and in plain sight.
  • Underground service installed.
  • Handhole is not covered or damaged (uncover or report damage to 888-222-8045).
  • Breakers are turned off.
  • Temporary wires are removed.
  • Meter base is properly attached.

For complete details please consult your TDSP for guidance.

Unfortunately, if your request is rejected due to a customer issue, we are required to cancel your order. If you can correct the issue the same day, please contact your TDSP below for information. If you are unable to correct immediately, you will need to make your request again through your Retail Electric Provider.

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