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General Construction

Servant Power Xpress understands your projects need to get power quickly. Our mission is to get your ESID number quickly and temporary poles and meters set so you can power up your job ASAP. We make it an easy process, including jobsite coordination, and power at a great rate. Whether you are the Estimator, Project Manager, Superintendent or other Site Representative, Servant Power can help you on your Temporary and/or Permanent power.


We understand that a schools needs may be different since powering up requirements may be most important for day time school activities. We also know when a school project begins, it is usually meeting a set deadline for a school opening, and so getting temporary power is of upmost importance. Servant Power Xpress can help to make this transition to power an easy one.

Commercial Businesses

Servant Energy can help get your business up and running either with a new location or separate project.. Once temporary power is no longer needed Servant Energy is here to assist with providing permanent power as well. Servant Power Express can help you get one of your prized possessions, your business, the power you need.


View Multi-Family Services Offerings

Servant Power Xpress understands that apartment complexes have multiple meters, pole settings, and complete coordination and handling of the power for their complex. We can insure that this process goes quickly and easily with no problems. Also we have a customized portal for your complex that will provide you with an energy management system that will help you save money as well as earn marketing dollars from your tenant. This portal is customized for each facility and is made possible through a strategic partnership with our REP supplier.

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