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Thanks for the opportunity to help and serve you. We pride ourselves in helping our GC and Development partners in streamlining their process and to help them mobilize for a project in regards to providing temporary power. Servant Energy's job is the create the value and savings that will help out partner clients out.

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  1. Rogers O'Brien
    Ericson Headquarters, West Village Hi Rise, and Hi Line Hi Rise
  2. Beck Construction
    Weir Oil, Gateway (McKinney), Park Lane, and Renaissance Hotel
  3. Brasfield Gorrie
    TRT Holding Office Building & Parkland Hall
  4. McKinney, and Billy Dade MS (Sat Pon)
    Thelma Louis MS, RDO Equipment
  5. Balfour Beatty
    Denton MS #7, Pflugerville MS #5, Coppell Elem, Round Rock Elem
  6. Hill & Wilkinson
    1900 Cedar Springs (Luxe) & Lincoln Knox
  7. Skanska
    Alliance Hospital
  8. Gables Residential
    Whole Foods Multi Family Hi Rise
  9. Andres
    Continental Bldg., Carlisle, Routh Street, and Sportsman Shooting Center
  10. Pogue
    Branden Tomes Subaru, Grapevine HS, & Curtis MS Allen ISD
  11. Turner Construction
    Capitol One and Sovereign Bank
  12. JE Dunn
    Sovereign Houston Hi Rise
  13. Ridgemont/TS Byrne
    FW Police and Fire Training Facility
  14. Balfour Beatty
    Energy Center III & IV Houston
  15. Austin Commercial
    Hall Financial Building Frisco, Chief Oil Headquarters
  16. Manhattan Construction
    Frost Tower
  17. A & P
    Forest Park Med (Round Rock, Southlake) & Grapevine Community Center
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