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Our primary goals are to help expedite getting power to the jobsite, doing it with a savings aspect in mind, and doing what we can throughout the project to make life easier from a power standpoint for our clients. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and help you in any way we can!

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SPX Process to Construction Projects

  1. If you have a project you may be doing where you are in charge of the power, start thinking about power prior to mobilization.
  2. Shoot the address or location to us so we can see what utility or COOP is in charge of the area, who is in charge of that area, and allow us to coordinate a site visit.
  3. If in COOP, they will take over, but if in a deregulated area at least you can start thinking of costs, time frames, and what will be needed to get power for your project.
  4. Once your electrician is hired, get him to get all load info to the utility company and have any final meetings so that you can determine any costs, if design plans will be needed, or any site work prior to getting power, and timeframes.
  5. Servant can coordinate all meetings keeping everyone in loop, push utility company on any promised dates for pricing or work to be done, and make sure this process is moving along smoothly. We know when the GC wants power and staying on top of everyone can help you get power on the dates needed.
  6. Send Servant our filled out proxy form, a site elevation plan, and construction schedule so we can start to price the project with estimated usage and costs spelled out. If pricing looks good a contract generated from our REP after credit checks done.
  7. We make sure that all ESI's created with correct address, electrician does final work and inspections, Oncor does their final work, and all in the Oncor system so power is achieved as quickly as possible.
  8. Throughout the project until closeouts, Servant can be as involved if allowed for any conversion of meetings from temp to perm, temporary shutdowns, trouble shooting, or helping the owner with transition to permanent power.
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